Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mark Ronson for Gucci @ Icon-Temporary Sneaker Stores

In an attempt to generate some excitement in these trepid times, Gucci has just announced that they will be launching temporary sneaker stores in some of the most fashion forward cities around the globe. These stores will exclusively feature special edition sneakers designed by DJ/ producer extrordinaire, Mark Ronson.

The shoes:
There will be a total of 18 styles, 16 for men and 2 for women, which will range from $500-1,200, with the Ronsons in the $500-600 range. Completely limited edition-ed out, even with custom initialed tags available on the laces. A new Ronson model will be available at each location (smart move Gucci, you're catching on to this limited edition craze). And although the models that Mark is holding above look very boat shoe-ish, these stores are supposedly "sneaker" based so I would imagine that is the the most formal they will get.

The stores:
Over the next 15 months, will be open for 2-3 weeks at a time and so far the confirmed cities are NYC, Miami, London, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. They will be located in the "tastemaker" areas, so most likely no close to their Gucci flagships (i.e. in SoHo, not of 5th ave). The interiors will be a modern white base with their signature red and green accents, as you can see in the rendering above. The 1st Icon-Temporary popup shop will be opening on October 23rd at a Crosby St. location in Soho (NYC).


via Racked & WWD

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