Friday, August 07, 2009

Event Recap: H-Town Sneaker Summit 2009

Our good friends at Simply Complicated hit up the bi-annual H-Town Sneaker Summit last week and shot over some pictures of the event so you can see how they get down in Houston.

That the Simply Complicated team setting up their table for the event, and as you can see, they had some adoring fans waiting....

Well, maybe the WHOLE crowd wasn't just there for SC, since there was some other entertainment ...

Like these hawt dancers.

Oh yea, and sneakers! I never knew Houston got down like this, but on that one table you got the new Alife Dunks, Mr. Cartoon and Futura FLOM Livestrongs, Coralines, Blue Lobsters AND Yellow Lobsters, Military Blue 3's, and way more. Bun B knows whats up.

See, he even has good taste in clothes, picking up a few tees from Simply Complicated.

I think Slim Thugga was going to grab some too but they ran out of his size, 3XL Tall.
Dude is a giant.

And a look at shop once it was all set up.

Thanks to Simply Complicated for sending the pics my way, the event looked cool. Glad to see that even in Texas they're starting to catch on to this whole street fashion thing.


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