Friday, August 21, 2009

Kris Van Assche - Fall 2009 Sneakers

Kris Van Assche is constantly pushing the barriers as to what a sneaker should look like and how it should function. And honesty, his stuff always comes out looking amazing...

Once again there are no tones or colors involved at all in Kris Van Assche's footwear, just one solid and simple "color" if you even want to stretch it that far. They are made of buttery leather and suede, and all of the straps you see in there are Velcro.

If I was Kanye the post title of this post would have just been "DOPE!" or "MUST COP!" cause I'm seriously in love with these sneakers season after season. Got to finally save up for a pair, or better yet get a job already.

You can grab 'em here.


via HS

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