Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Orisue Beer Pong Set

In general I just love when smaller street labels take a step outside of clothing and are able to come out with fun and innovative lifestyle products. Well Orisue has touched a heart string with this one, as they just released an official beer pong set.

I think every college loving, borderline alcoholic, street wear head is going to eat this up (or drink it up... ha.. ha). I think Orisue has just set the bar for SwaggerDap, and we now have to come out with a beer pong table set.

Each set includes: 22 cups. 11 with “away” and 11 with “home” printed on them. 2 ping pong balls with Orisue logo printed on them. Printed Orisue “house rules” according to our own version of the game.

For only $15 you can grab this awesome set right from Orisue.


via ctothejl

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