Monday, November 01, 2010

Store Profile - Aegis (Shanghai)

Back to Shanghai this week, where a new store is taking some of the finest brands around into China for the first time. The store is Aegis of Shanghai and they are trying to show mainland some quality...

(for some reason Asia just ain't cool with pictures of the inside of stores)

Aegis just opened a few months ago, right down the street from Juice SH, and they are supplying Shanghai with the likes of 3Sixteen, Band of Outsiders, Wings + Horns, Opening Ceremony, Shades of Grey, Generic Surplus, and much more. Clearly focused on quality, which makes the store somewhat expensive, however also gives it a huge competitive advantage in the city as the only store to carry almost all of those brands. The interior is also nothing to scoff at, as it feels like an old study with books and suitcases delicately placed to provide ambiance. And in a quick talk with the manager he said that they are actually doing quite well and building a nice clientele in Shanghai that is slowly growing. Great to hear!

777 Julu Lu
Jing'an District
Shanghai, China

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