Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Artist Profile - Mateusz Kolek

Well I can't seem to find a whole lot of information on this week's artist, but enter the world of illustrator Mateusz Kolek and see how much you can learn about him through his work...


Tokyo Rain



Jelly Demon

Longing for the Sun

Clearly influenced by some Japanese culture, and it would also seem that the recurring male character in his work is indeed himself. On his site there are some further works with bike and snowboard companies, as well as a ton more work to check out.

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  1. interesting. i almost didn't post that one cause it didn't really fit in with the rest.

    hen hao

  2. Funny, I was gonna respond "word, it doesn't"; then I thought that none of them are really alike.

  3. but the general anime-ish style is similar throughout.

  4. To me, only the first three look anime-ish, with the 3rd not looking that much; while the rest look western.



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