Thursday, November 04, 2010

Clippings - Naomi Campbell in GQ UK

Clippings this week features Naomi Campbell in a fashion editorial from the April 2007 issue of GQ UK, where she appears on the cover. While I do love this shoot, there is nothing amazingly standout about it, aside from my inexplicable fascination with Naomi and past avid readership of GQ UK.

Oh, and WARNING before you scroll down, there is some NSFW (albeit tasteful) showing of breasts through this shoot...

(click on the spreads for larger views)

That first shot with her in bed with the gun and the cigarette is one of my favorite pics, period. This shoot was done soon after her legal punishment for assaulting her housekeeper and others, hence the slight motifs in the photos.

Naomi, <3

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  1. i still find your love of naomi a tad weird.

  2. why?? Its all her undeniable swag... i mean it's to a point of arrogance but still intriguing. Plus the accent.



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