Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Patta Takeover

If you are even remotely into the sneaker game, I'm sure that you have heard or read the name "Patta" over the past few months. They've been doing particularly great things with Nike's Air Max 1, but even at Nike it seems like not everyone knows much of anything about Patta...

Getting to know Patta:

1. Patta is a store located in Amsterdam (yeah, like you needed another reason to go to Amsterdam)

2. Always confused but Patta is not the same as Parra, although they have close ties. Both repping Amsterdam, Parra actually has done the Patta logo, designed tees, and has his art all over their store front.

3. Collaboration kings. I first heard of Patta when they did their thing with the Acics Gel Lyte last year, but they have since teamed up with Stussy, Kangol, Reebok for the Pump 20, New Era, Keep and Nike multiple times.

4. They're just getting started. Patta has plans to open another store in Amsterdam, as a shared space with Stussy where the focus will be more on clothes rather than Sneakers like their original Patta store.

Patta x Nike Air Max 1. Referred to as the corduroy AM1, but it's really an orgy of materials as it mixes corduroy, denim, suede, and a micro-suede. Just released Dec 1st as a limited Quickstrike.

The only shot of these, and they are just amazing. Rumors have it that they were a Hyperstike, aka Patta friends n family, aka 24 pairs, aka good luck.

Yet another Quickstrike, but these are limited to the Patta store.

Patta's take on the the Pump 20.

So if you are ever in Amsterdam you know the very 1st place that you should be heading, and if you don't make it there, at least now you know a little more about the store that is bringing you all of these dope items.

You can read more about Patta's store and what they carry, here. Watch a video from Complex that gets inside the heads of team Patta, here.


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