Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness Video

Took me like 20 minutes to find a media player that actually worked for me, but finally, got to see Kid Cudi's video for Pursuit of Happiness and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seriously fits the optimistic yet melancholy vibe of the song to perfection... just watch...

Cameos from Drake throughout and a quick one by Consequence. The video was also interestingly enough, produced by Josh Hartnett.

No stannery, I really love this video... Am I overreacting or is it that good?


via onsmash


  1. it really wasn't THAT epic. solid, and i loved the ending, rest of the video is kinda basic to me.

  2. Yea idk why it like touched a string, the song and video are just perfect to me. *sheds single tear*



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