Saturday, December 05, 2009

More Bape x Ambush (Milo Rings & Leopard CreepSta)

Yom showed us some possible preview shots of a Bape x Ambush piece that Verbal was rocking on TV. Well now we get a look at some more products and they keep getting crazier!...

Of course jewelry is going to be the focus, and these lobotomy Milo rings are awesomely out there.

There is also a shot of some new Bape footwear that comes in a leopard print upper. The entire sole is that of a Bapesta but the laces and toebox are totally redone, not to mention there is no Sta. Well whatever these "CreepStas" are they are amazing! Not for everyone though, that's for sure. Remind of woven footscapes.

Still no word on any product releasing as everything has been teasers so far, but keep it locked for more info.


via juksy

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