Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hoods, Comme des Garçons, (BBC/ Ice Cream?) Hong Kong Stores Moving

Sadly, one of my favorite shopping streets in Hong Kong is getting shaken up this month as the entire block of On Lan Street in Central has apparently been sold. This means that the store fronts of Comme des Garçons, Martin Margiela, BBC/ Ice Cream, and Hoods, which are all right next to eachother, are being forced out of their respective spots.
The only question mark that is yet to be seen is the BBC/ Ice Cream store. Apparently there isn't a "We're moving" sign on the store front which could either mean that they got lucky (doubt it), or that the store might cease to exist in Hong Kong, at least for a little bit.

Since they are all run by fashion and store gurus I.T., I have much hope that they will all still be very close to each other. It is already confirmed that Hoods and Comme des Garçons will be heading to Ice House Street, which is just down the hill and still close by Bape. I wonder how these moves will effect the business of FIL and Junya Wantanabe though, which are even further up the hill.

Really sad to see this area taken apart because it was such a perfect little area to shop (well window shop mostly), and more uniquely it was a very nice and quiet block which is hard to find right in the heart of Central. Also doubt that the stores will be able to find something as great as the 4 story spots that they had there. But only time will tell.


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