Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bape Book & Nigo Signing - Comming Soon

Coming out Saturday (11/22) at Bape Hong Kong and (12/6) at Bape NY.

The Bape Book, celebrating 15 years of success for the Japanese lifestyle giant, is set to release this Saturday the 22nd in Hong Kong and then December 6th at Bape New York. Both releases will bring the man behind it all, Nigo to the drop where he will be signing the limited edition multi-camo copies.His appearance at Colette and in Japan drew a crazy crowd so expect no difference.

It's already touched down in Hong Kong, awaiting Nigo's arrival to release.
Teaser pic via Santa Inoue

The GR copies in green, blue, and pink camos have already been released at certain retailers. Check your local Japanese bookstore or even Amazon.


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