Monday, November 24, 2008

Bape x Touch Magazine - 700th Issue

I'm walking through the hood of Sham Shui Po today and what do I see but a Bape Camo'd out issue of Touch Magazine. For their 700th issue, Touch celebrated Bape's 15 years with a top 100 countdown of everything Bape.

A pretty interesting countdown, especially to see a number of Bape products that I never knew existed like Bape x Fender Guitars, Campbell's soup, and even a Nakata Football (soccer ball). If you're in HK its only 15HKD so go grab one n check it out, there's also more previews of the Michael Lau Air Crazy Force 1.

Sorry for the poor quality pics, my camera is buggin' right now but I'll try to take better ones later.


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