Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Jet Life" Nike Blazers by JBF Customs

Although there is a huge market and following of DIY people out there who love to customize their sneakers, I've just never seen the appeal. Guess I'm just a purist when it comes to most things and love what companies like Nike produce. Well this one pair of sneakers by JBF Customs just made me set all that thinking to the side for a moment. Peep these Curren$y inspired pair of Nike Blazers...

Sure a small part of the appeal is my fanhood to Curren$y, but it goes way beyond that, I mean look at the detail in these things!! Smoke cloud swoosh, 'Jets Do It' on the tongue tag (yeah I see what he did there), and Spitta's trademark hand signal on the back. And while that sounds like it might be too much going on, he saves it by going with a completely classic Nike Blazer colorway in classic Nike Blazer suede. These are beyond smooth.

JBF does all these by hand (peep the video of him making these), and they're made to order. Just visit his site for all that info and to see more of his great craftsmanship. And while most customizers have heavily themed pairs, JBF keeps it pretty simply and focuses on the materials and colorways rather than a theme or gimmick. Always interesting to see what he's brewing.


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