Monday, January 03, 2011

Homeskool Presents…Ibe - “10 from ‘10” | Mixtape

Our boy Ibe got some good work done in 2010 and decided to put out a mixtape of his favorite songs that he produced, as well as the stories behind them. Check out the track list below and an excerpt from his blog post.


Download: UserShare

Track listing

1. “The Long Way Home” Kris Kasanova
2. “Can’t Stay Away” Faith Evans f. Keyshia Cole
3. “Cheers” Kris Kasanova f. Sunny Jones
4. “Good Days, Good Nights” Chris Faust f. Capri and Carras Paton
5. “Break Up” Kris Kasanova
6. “Need for Speed” Mickey Factz f. Curtis Santiago
7. “Maniac” Curtains f. Kendrick Lamar and Chace Infinite
8. “Fucked Up” Kris Kasanova f. Ibe
9. “Get Down” Marcus Harmon

10. “Looking Back” Chris Faust f. Outasight
15 minutes. That’s about how much time I had to make this track. Chris, Sunny Jones and I were working on ExtraOrdinary for “Faust” when Chris said Outasight was in the neighborhood and down to do a joint. He came through, knocked out the hook and verse promptly, and Chris wanted to take it home and work on it. I was like “Fam, I didn’t just get extra pressured to make a track in 15…” and Outasight was like “I didn’t just write AND record a chorus and verse on the spot…” (all in good fun of course). Chris did his thing, wrote a verse and recorded it. Capri came to the spot as we were finishing up the song. She heard some harmonies and put ‘em down. After that we cracked jokes, listened to some tunes Outasight had ready for “Further” and talked about the Knicks for a few.

I'm proud of the man. But hopefully he cuts the Detox flow and finally finishes and puts out his fricken debut album. Can I get an Amen from anyone else? Sheesh

For more stories, check out the rest of his blog post on The Homeskool


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