Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Undercity: Exploring Unseen New York | Video

Back in high school one of my very favorite teachers showed us a crazy documentary called In Search of the Mole People, which explored some deep parts of the New York City subway system where entire communities of people had escaped the real world and now lived in this secret underworld. Ever since then I've had the craziest curiosity about what goes on in the miles of tunnels under NYC and always want to sneak down there. Well film maker Andrew Wonder and urban historian/ explorer Steve Duncan have been doing just that. Exploring historical parts of underground (and far above ground) NYC, where 99.9% will never see...

(the doc runs about 30 minutes but it's worth the watch, especially if you live in NYC)

This guy has such a weath of knowledge and has been doing this sort of thing in cities around the world. Now I want to explore the underground even more than I already did! And that Williamsburg Bridge part at the very end was just ridiculous, the view alone might be worth the risk...


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