Monday, March 29, 2010

UNDERCOVER Womens Fall 2010

Jun Takahashi womens line is closely following his mens line in the overall style of garment, as well as the production of the fashion show presentation. With UNDERCOVER he has gone away from the typical glamorous runway line, and given his Fall 2010 collection a very real life feel, making it very literally RTW and functional. The style of the show is exactly the same as the mens line, using everyday backdrops to capture the feel of each look. And while he modeled his mens line, he got his wife, Riko, to model the womens, making it all that much more real...

While the face value of the collection may look a little basic at times, it is really all about the details. There are rugged looking shirts that are actually make of fine silk, and cheap looking fleece that is actually premium sheepskin. Many of the jackets also revealed to be reversible, and most amazing are the accessory bags in the form of random everyday goods like a baguette, wine bottle, or newspaper. See that 2nd picture, yea that would be a clutch, not an actual loaf of bread. Now that's what I call "Undercover" (ha-ha-ha).

Next season Jun might go back to having an elaborate runway line but will also counter it with a line like this, that has some practicality and will sell. In the words of Jun Takahashi, the line is "Less but better" and it works here.


via WWD

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