Monday, November 09, 2009

Hello Kitty x Dr. Romanelli

Dr. Romanelli is normally dissecting and reconstructing goods like only he can, which got him the very fitting "doctor" moniker. Well now in teaming up with Hello Kitty, it seems that he's turned her into both the nurse and the patient to his madness, via some Medicom toys and tees...

I dig how everything is kind of walking the line of adorable and creepy. And those are definitely the cutest internal organs you ever did see!

The toys are the 4 you see and the shirts come in those 4 styles, in white, pink, and black for each. The Dr. Romanelli x Sanrio collection just released this weekend at Invincible, Taiwan.



  1. I want to get a tee for my gf - any idea where they are available?

  2. It's gunna be a mostly Asia release, aka near impossible to find. BUT they just got the toys at colette so maybe the tees will turn up soon there




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