Friday, November 13, 2009

Raised by Wolves - "Black Ice" a/w 2009

The good people at Raised by Wolves recently released their Autumn/ Winter 2009 "Black Ice" line with some great artist collabs in the mix...

Designed by Mike Jones from Mishka

Designed by La Messe from FALSE

Really liking the aesthetic that Raised by Wolves brings with this collection, and the artist collabs are dope! That La Messe tee is a must have. There are more tees and more colorways of these tees on their site, 100percentfurious.com



  1. wow, i really need that black beanie with the furry ball top.

    anyone with the hook up?

  2. if they don't ship to Japan I can get it n ship ... I'll ask him

  3. thanks John

    send me an email when u find out :)



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