Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DURKL - Holiday 2009 Denim Preview

While they had some colored denim pieces a season or two ago, DURKL is taking things more seriously now, starting over with denim, and it all begins with this raw black wax coated denim, that comes in 3 different fits. Only teaser shots thus far...

"Around a year ago we decided to revamp and redevelop our whole denim line. our goal was to use better and different fabrics than were on the market, to use better manufacturing to streamline construction, to tighten up our measurements to achieve 3 perfect fits, and do all this for a reasonable retail price.
over a year later our vision is coming to light, and our new denim offerings will be hitting the market in the next weeks"

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" so it looks like they'll be having Classic, Straight, and Skinny fits to offer us. Nice! The small details an purple accents aren't too shabby either.

I'll definitely be keeping you updated on this one once it releases, which should be rather soon. But for now you can check out the rest of their collection and shop it here. (be sure to use that "SwaggerDap" code to get your discount too!)


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