Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Supra Skytop 2

Supra's long awaited Muska Skytop 2 has finally been released. And while it does take inspiration from some obvious sources, it looks pretty good and very much so a high top...

The Skytop II sticks with a pretty similar silhouette but gets a little higher and a little more "designer". There is also the addition of the Jordan VI/ Spiz'ike which plays pretty well with the shoe. This colorway is limited edition, with only 600 pairs will be available worldwide in this "gradient" color.

Available now at colette.



  1. these are bootleg skies2, you need to work on getting some proper image sources.

  2. bootleg image source... like colette? yea ok thanks buddy.

  3. the long supra is so beautiful



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