Friday, June 27, 2008

Kanye & Pharrell @ Marc Jacobs Show Paris

Do I blog way too much about Kanye and Pharrell related matters? most likely. But they seem to be everywhere, and what can I say, they are some fly dudes.

Here they are at the Marc Jacobs show in Paris with Marc's right hand.

Don't know why but I really want one of those Dee and Ricky Lego pins. Seen a one or two around SoHo and it looks awkwardly tough. Better get one before that becomes a trend now that Kanye is rocking one.

oh and Meez, welcome back!
readers, I tried to keep him away but dude won't give up. sorry.



  1. Cause fly dudes wear buttons with Michael Jackson post-Thriller. Marty McFly shoes can't save you on that one. Not even the self-drying jacket.

  2. lmao ... hater in the hooouuse
    matt ur comments are priceless



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