Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crooks & Castles - Summer '08 LookBook

Crooks & Castles as just released their lookbook for summer 2008, here's a quick look at what they've got.

Once again nice bold tee shirts and fitteds, and after their success with the porcelain watch last season they went for some sunglasses this year in a collab with Mosley Tribes.
Heres the black version:

The collection looks to be nice, and I'm sure will sell, but I think it would be nice to see Crooks take some more risks in their designs now they theyre established. They seem to rely a lot on their staple designs which are all somewhat ripped from luxury brands anyways. Oh well, guess you can't complain with success. and you also Can't Stop the Crooks.

Peep the entire lookbook here



  1. I agree. I can only purchase so many Crooks tees that have the interlocking C's on them. In related news, why isn't a blog that loves up-and-coming rappers not have a post about Saigon leaving Atlantic Records? Fuck your hipster rap love affair.

  2. Lmao

    Matt I'm definitely a big Saigon fan.
    1st of all, I didn't even know that happened. 2nd of all, so far we've just been posting music and pics of concerts we've been too. We dont report on Rap news and shit.



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