Wednesday, May 14, 2008

N*E*R*D Signing at BBC/Ice Cream NY

After waiting in a long ass line on Sunday for the N*E*R*D tee at BBC/Ice Cream NY, I waited in yet another long ass line on tuesday to meet the band.
Once again tons of fly people out (and some who just tried too hard).. it was a mob scene.

Overall good day, met NERD and Wale, then Meezy got to go to the Glow in the Dark concert at the Garden. So for SwaggerDap it was a great day.

I'll post more pics from the other camera later.



  1. I know Pharrell is a dope beat technician and all, but did that many people really line up for these dudes? That Everybody Knows beat is tough, but the song is trash on the lyrical level. Have SwaggerDap stand on line for NaS' "Ni**er" album.

  2. You gotta understand, N*E*R*D has a cult following mang. It's like a Wu Tang type thing.
    And its just as much the BBC/ Ice Cream lovers are the NERD lovers that lined up.

  3. And y'all are definitely drinking that kool-aid on a daily basis...SMH.



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