Thursday, May 15, 2008

N*E*R*D - Seeing Sounds - Official Cover & Tracklist

After seeing some mock up covers on zune commercials there is finally an official cover and tracklist for N*E*R*D - Seeing Sounds set to release June 10th

1. Intro
2. Everyone Nose
3. Spaz
4. Time For Some Action
5. Kill Joy
6. Anti Matter
7. Happy
8. Sooner or Later
9. Windows
10. Yeah You
11. You Know What
12. I Can't Get It Out My Head
13. Someday I'll Laugh About It
14. Laser Gun Carrying
15. Love Bomb

some detail on the art... They seem to be rocking some unreleased BBC/IC stuff. hmmm

Then there's this cover which could either be an alternate cover, an early version of the artwork, or maybe it just changes colors, who knows?

Make sure you pick up this album on June 10th! Should be great.


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