Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bape Baby Milo 'Twitter' Tees

Bape has some new Baby Milo tees hitting stores that strongly hint at Twitter, and giving the well known blue Twitter bird the iconic Baby Milo/ Sanrio cartoon treatment...

Really wish the back of the tee said 'follow @BAPEOFFICIAL' or something to give it the extra comedy factor, but that might help out Twitter's case too much if they ever found out about this shirt and weren't too happy.

Releasing this week at Bape stores worldwide as well as Bape.com.


1 comment:

  1. レイバン aviatorと言ったら、どの有名人のことを思い出すの?あたしはあのハリウッド大スター、レイバン サングラスがいつも掛けてる、トムクルーズのイメージが一番強い。娘のスリーちゃんまで、家族全員レイバン モデルで揃った姿も、珍しくはない



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