Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Edwin - "JAPAN" Video

The denim guys over at Edwin put together this fantastic video, simply titled "Japan" that loosely follows the manufacturing process of their jeans, but also gives an amazingly accurate look into everyday life in Japan...

Maybe it resonated with me a little extra for having lived that life, but they captured that working class/ blue collar life in Japan pretty damn well. The people who you might never notice but keep everyday life in order, from the man controlling the subway platform, to the dude in the tiny stand still chef-ing up something for you at 1am. So if the point of this video was intended to strike those chords, it definitely worked.

Check the store locator on their site to find out where you can try on some Edwins yourself.


via glltn

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  1. We shot FW12 for Lifetime collective in Iceland in the middle of winter







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