Friday, February 11, 2011

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers | Video

Tyler the Creator just dropped his first single and video from his next album, Goblin. Aside from the raps, Tyler also produced the song and directed the video, so peep the madness...

"Green paper, gold teeth, and pregnant gold retriever's all I want
fuck money, diamonds, and bitches, I don't need 'em"

The video, the beat, the verses... Tyler kinda spazzed on this is in an awesomely dark way. If yeeint up on Tyler the Creator and OFWGKTA, just peep OddFuture's blog where you can get a ton of their material n get a pretty good idea as to what they're all about. I swear these dudes are the subculture that hip-hop didn't know it needed.


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