Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Street Swag: SoHo Noir

Yeah the title is still a work in progress, but I've decided that on my lunch breaks in SoHo I might as well try and take some street style shots for everyone. This first lady I saw the other day on Broadway, on a very warm n sunny afternoon and she was still in all black, killing it...

Undeniable swag, as she was in the middle of an intense phone conversation in French. Shit, her dog has it better than most of us!

Style wise, her hat and haircut are such an ill look and completely compliment her simple yet powerful all black outfit. And while my eyes went right for the dog carrying bag (which is awesome), her huge hobo bag is was pretty dope too. Wish she wasn't on the phone so I could have gotten some detailed shots.



  1. And the complimentary tattoo on her left wrist....NICE

  2. So you definitely paparazzi'd that woman, didn't you?

  3. He definitely had to follow her for a couple of steps to get her at different angles

  4. maybe like half a city block. if she wasnt on the phone I woulda asked but instead I had to use my stalker stealth

  5. She is a Finnish chef called Sara La Fountain. ;) Google her.

  6. lol this amused me. she does look good

  7. swaggerdap dosnt post anymore :(

    check out my blog! basically the same concept plus more!




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