Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures in NYC: After Irene

As you may know, over the past weekend NYC was completely shut down because of this little hurricane Irene thing. And even though the storm had come and gone by the time most people woke up on Sunday morning, NYC was still a total ghost town all day. But since I was already forced to stay in New Jersey for an entire day and had the homie Mehdi visiting New York for the first time on this unfortunate weekend, we ventured into desolate streets of Manhattan...

Some amazingly simple yet stunning street art that can be seen on about 10 or so of these lamp posts by St. Marks and Cooper Union. Must have taken forever.

Setting up for SeriousWapanese x FuckYouJohn

Fucking Jersey... but the random adventures and seeing the city so crippled without trains was definitely worth the trip in.



  1. These photos make me miss the states. Really feeling the lamp post street art.



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