Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Adventures in The City: Views n Shoes

Honestly I'm still struggling with the name for this segment, but for now it shall remain to be called "Adventures" and will basically be the photographic documenting of my day to day with a D90 strapped to my shoulder. I'll try to keep it interesting and fresh and thus will probably keep it weekly or bi-weekly. This post is all from yesterday...

The view from my bus stop in NJ ain't bad when the weather ain't bad


Hit up Barney's to check out all the amazing things I can't yet comfortably afford.. and saw that charming sign by the escalator

The detail on these Bottega sneakers was pretty ill

Had to hit up my old stomping grounds to see all my favorite people over at Niketown

Then it was out to conveyor belt sushi with my homie Jane at Sushi East (go there for salmon Tuesdays!)

Jane put me on to this awesomely detailed speakeasy called The Blind Barber... great ambiance

Then finally back to Jersey were I just can't get enough of this view at night. The low fog and long exposure makes it look a little extra epic too.

If you have any ideas for the title of these Adventures posts, please leave it in the comments section... and also if you have any feelings about me posting personal pics rather than just straight fashion and news all the time. I'd love the feedback, good or bad.



  1. John I love this site and wish I could travel and chronicle my experiences like you do, but alas I just a poor college student soon to be graduate that hopes that his hopes can one day be truths... but enough of that keep up the great work and I do enjoy the personal pics, it lets us know that you are a person with insight in other visuals besides fashion.

  2. wow, thanks a lot man! serious that comment means a lot.
    Thanks so much for reading and I'll definitely make it a mission to post more personal stuff.

    and keep ur head up! I was a poor college student 2 years ago! now I've graduated to being a poor non-college student hah.



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