Sunday, April 03, 2011

William Yan x We Are Not Pilgrims - A Look into the Perfecto Brand by Schott NYC | Video

The homie William Yan recently got together with We Are Not Pilgrims to produce this quick look into the Perfecto brand by Schott NYC. We got to see a nice screening of it last week, and now you can check it right here...

Will handled the art direction and the interview, while We Are Not Pilgrims took care of the actual filming and editing portion. Overall a really dope view into how the brand is run and what their vision on style and quality is. (and some of those jackets are just so badass!)

As always, you should be checking out WilliamYan.com for the latest in NYC street style, events, and coolness. And also peep WeAreNotPilgrims.com, who are some really cool guys that know their shit when it comes to film and have a pretty dope documentary series, "The Gatekeepers", among other projects on their site.


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