Monday, March 16, 2009

Japanese Cartoon

While the back story is still quite shady, new British post-punk alt rock band, Japanese Cartoon has been coming out with some really good new material lately and is even featured on the brand new site for Trilly & Truly.

(Japanese Cartoon artwork by Nathan Cabrera)

So the reason that the background is somewhat shady is because Japanese Cartoon is part of 1st & 15th records and as previously mentioned is featured on the Trilly & Truly site (both of which are run by Mr. Lupe Fiasco). On top of that the vocals from Japanese Cartoon which are allegedly done by "Percival Fats" sounds quite a bit like Lupe himself (possibly with a phony British accent?).
However, even with all of this said, both Lupe and Japanese Cartoon have denied any collaboration in the music and state that Lupe is nothing more than a backer.

If you have visited the Trilly & Truly site (pictured above) or Japanese Cartoon's myspace to listen to some of their tracks, there is an undeniable similarity to Lupe's vocals, which a mere British accent can't mask. But please be the judge yourself.

Well regardless of who the singer is, the group actually makes some really good music so be sure to give them a listen.
Here's an up to date Japanese Cartoon starter kit for you all:

Japanese Cartoon - Crowd Participation
Japanese Cartoon - Heirplanes
Japanese Cartoon - In the Jaws of the Lords of Death

Japanese Cartoon - Firing Squad
Japanese Cartoon - ARMY

To learn more and keep up on Japanese Cartoon, you can also check their facebook page.


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