Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super for 10 Corso Como 4th Anniversary Seoul

Super is donning 10 Corso Como with their very own design of shades for their Seoul flagship store's 4th anniversary. The design is a simple and chic white tortoise shell that fits the 10CC aesthetic quite perfectly...

If you are in Seoul, be sure to stop by 10 Corso Como to check these, because unfortunately that is the only place that they will be releasing.

Eternal sunshine for the spotless eyes...


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Very quietly (possibly due to lack of promotion), UNIQLO has released a barrage of apps lately that fit in with your daily life. The latest is actually a pretty cool, albeit simple, alarm clock called UNIQLO Wake-Up.

Wake-Up plays some peaceful music and a very pleasant female voice tells you the time and weather in an awkwardly melodic way. It worked fine for me this morning, but if you're a heavy sleeper you might want to set your extremely annoying and brash iPhone alarm as a backup.

Available for iPhone, Android, and PC/MAC, you can find it here or in your app stores.


I'll be splitting time between here and The Dap again now. Sorry for the abandonment.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Flatbush Zombies - S.C.O.S.A. | Music Video

The Flatbush Zombies are back with more visuals, this time for a new track, S.C.O.S.A. (Snorting Coke Off A Stripper's Ass)...

After seeing these dudes live, I'm a full fledged Zombies fan. Hope you all enjoy the drug induced madness.

'Zombies for prez'


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flatbush Zombies - Thug Waffle | Video

After seeing the name 'Flatbush Zombies' in my timeline a few times from Eric Arc Elliot, I eventually had to click a link out of pure intrigue and I was brought to the video for Thug Waffle. And since I'm posting it, needless to say, I fucks with it heavy!...

I hate labeling things, but these grimy, underground, low budget projects coming out lately are KILLING it. Definitely fuck with the Flatbush Zombies

No project from the Zombies as of yet but the fact that Eric Arc Elliot is producing for them gives me high hopes for something dope. I'll definitely be keeping you posted on here.


NYFW: The Men Outside of Milk Studios

And now for the dudes that did their thing. *disclaimer*: some animals were definitely hurt in the making of these outfits...



Somewhere, a PETA member is shedding a single tear.


Dead animals and primary colors were the move but c'mon... THAT FENDI BUBBLE THOUGH!?!! My feelings were hurt, that jacket is too cold!


NYFW: The Women Outside of Milk Studios

Finally had a day off yesterday, so figured I'd at least capture a little bit of New York Fashion Week by lurking around Milk Studios while the Jeremy Scott show was taking place inside. And due to the nature of the show I was excited to be able to see the more wild side of NYFW street style...







Lots of makeup, fur, and wild patterns... oh and no smiles, smiles definitely are not cool.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

At the Start of My Decade by Jemar Souza

The homie, Meezy, aka Jemar Souza, has been busting his ass over the past year working on his side project, 'My Decade'; and now that the designs and final touches have been completed he is reaching out for a little support to get this project started...


I seent the samples, and trust me, they're quite dope. So if you would be down to help out an aspiring artist publish his first book, head on over to the KickStarter page he's got, learn a little bit more, and show a some support if you can!

If you have any questions or comments for Jemar on this project, be sure to hit him up on twitter (@jmeezys). He's pretty social media obsessive so I guarantee a reply!


Sunday, January 29, 2012


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